Modular Pumptracks are visually quite similar to that of BMX and cycle tracks but generally are smaller in size. Thus making them accessible to even the smallest of spaces, from Holiday Parks, to housing development play areas and even indoor events.

Modular Pumptracks are suitable for all wheels, all ages and all abilities. From BMX bikes to micro scooters and balance bikes. Riders from as little as 2-3 years can ride the track alongside the most adept adult riders.

Riders propel themselves around the track by 'pumping' their wheeled equipment in an up and down motion rather than pedalling, providing a new and fun way to implement wheeled sports, not to mention the workout it provides!

Benefitting a wide range of facilities and venues, composite Modular Pumptracks are the perfect addition to any site.

The Benfits of a Modular Pumptrack


Quality Assurance

We are the UK's only authorised dealer of Parkitect's Modular Pumptrack system.
All their components are built in controlled environments. Quality is paramount, and as such, each and every piece undergoes a rigorous inspection before being shipped to us for installation.


Low Cost

Because of their prefabricated nature, Composite Modular Pumptracks are less expensive to purchase. They are also cheaper to install with none or very little ground maintenance needed before installation. What's more, with it's 5 year guarantee, the yearly cost of maintaining one of our Modular Pumptracks is significantly lower than any other build method.


Healthy & Safety

Traditional build methods of outdoor equipment and facilities for wheeled sports can be difficult to certify and can be expensive to insure.

Our Modular Pumptracks have Health & Safety certificates to give you and your users, peace of mind.



The Parkitect Modular Pumptrack system is made up of 11 interchangeable components which can be custom designed to fit any environment. So the track options really are endless! And what's more, the modules can be picked up and moved at any time, meaning the longevity of the product will surpass any site redesign or upgrades with very little maintenance required.



Our Modular Pumptracks in any track design, can be simultaneously enjoyed by cyclists, skateboarders, scooters, inline skates and just about anything else on wheels including wheelchair users.

All Wheels.

All Ages.

All Abilities.