We understand wheeled sports provide a constant challenge that helps build self-confidence and self-discipline that is beneficial at any stage: kids, teens and adults alike. We support any type of initiative that facilitates access to the wheeled sports industry. We passionately believe in engagement in local communities and providing our users with the opportunity to an active, healthy lifestyle.

​We offer a free no obligation custom design for all projects, based on our discussions with our customers in order to meet their needs.

​Our designs comply with the latest safety requirements of the British Standards EN 14974 for all our wheeled sports equipment, which can be independently verified by a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) inspector if required.

​Remember; not only can we assist you with the design but with the whole process of creating a skate and/or bike park and modular pumptracks, from initial design and planning right through to the installation and aftercare. We are now offering Pump Tracks for Hire.

Our aim is to provide a track or park that maximises the use of space and at the same time have an efficient and cost effective build whilst engaging the community and realising the needs and hopes of the individuals who will be enjoying and learning from the environment we have designed.